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If you love Me ....

by Erik Momsen

It is the desire of believers in Jesus to follow close after Him. He did call us to follow Him. We also know that it is His abiding Spirit with and in us that enables that close walk. The struggle of the human condition is however to remain in step with Father, Son and Spirit. The desire and challenge is to remain filled with His Spirit.

(Date Added: 2007-03-22)

The Miracle of Joy

by Erik Momsen

Most will agree "Some days are better than others". I had one of those not so good days a little while ago. There was no particular reason. Perhaps a bit tired and the Eastern Cape wind was doing it's best. I decided to walk a few blocks to the shop instead of driving. My wife asked, "Are you walking in this wind?" I set out and soon questioned my judgment. I turned my face to the wind and within moments experienced joy come over me. I am not saying walking in the wind is the recipe for joy, but I know that "Joy" entered me. I instantly knew the difference between mundane life and a supernatural Joy. Praise for the wind turned to Joy.

(Date Added: 2007-02-20)

Witness to the World

by Erik Momsen

Church can become boring and the Christian life stale if we don't stay within the basic idea the Lord had for us. It can become a daily and weekly set of rituals and attempts to stay away from sin. Jesus, however, when choosing his first disciples said this: "Come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men." (PS. He continues to choose people daily to follow Him). He also closed off his earthly work with the words; " Therefore, as you go, disciple all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you each and every day until the end of the age. (Matthew 28:19,20)

(Date Added: 2007-02-13)

The Word of Life (III)

by Erik Momsen

God's great love for us is unquestionable BUT so is His great purpose. Since we are to be transformed into the likeness of the Son, we to will live many of the patterns of the Son. Was He greatly loved by His Father? No question! Did He go through great trouble and pain? Yes again! The Father did not love the Son any less at the time of greatest distress. Probably loved Him even more. We must understand that blessing and trial will be part of the same package of the walk of faith. The Lord gave me this promise 15 years ago and I am believing this word. This word was for Joshua but to some degree for me but also for you.

(Date Added: 2007-01-30)

The Word of Life (II)

by Erik Momsen

Words make or break, so how much more could the Words of Jesus bring life to us. Jesus said many things but few words could be as important as his parting words in Gethsemane. He was preparing His disciples for Friday. They were thinking victorious battle by angles against the Romans and He was thinking the cross. We think victory through might while God thinks victory through sacrifice.

(Date Added: 2007-01-23)

The Gifts of God

by Erik Momsen

Many gifts will be given at this time of year but almost all will perish. The gifts God gives are true gifts and many will last for ever. These gifts bring true joy and peace.

(Date Added: 2007-01-16)

The Gifts we Give

by Erik Momsen

The giving of gifts brings out the best and worst in us. It taps into our generosity and offends our stinginess. It calls us to be mindful and thoughtful of others and their needs. It also wakes the mall monster in many. The giving of gifts is the best of times, it is the worst of times. Christmas is a time of giving. On the negative side consumerism is rampant and shiploads of stuff is bought and exchanged. On the other extreme caring people give to those in need and their struggles are lessened.

(Date Added: 2007-01-09)

Grace (week 8)

by Erik Momsen

Describing grace is like describing God. It's tough. For me the Bible does not give a definition, but does speaks about it a lot. For bible believing Christians it is one of those principles like love and faith. Bono of U2 notes that all other belief systems of the world have karma, but we have Grace. The world says you get what you deserve, but Jesus says you get grace. The best way to start thinking about Grace is by understanding it as God's "undeserved favour". U2 have a song about God's grace.

(Date Added: 2006-09-05)

Perseverance (week 4)

by Erik Momsen

There are many things in life that have to be endured. Many experiences are unpleasant and painful, but the way forward may only be by going through them. In the sporting word the adage is true, "No pain, no gain". There is a human tendency to avoid any unpleasant situations but this is not the way God and the universe work. Even in the simple hatching of an egg the little bird is seriously disadvantaged if it does not struggle by itself to be free from it's shell. There are also negative medical side effects for infants who have not gone through the struggle of natural child birth.

(Date Added: 2006-08-08)

Forgiveness (week 3)

by Erik Momsen

The Christian faith is about forgiveness. Forgiveness from God to us and and intern our forgiveness of each other. Jesus himself did not come to condemn the world but to save it (John 3:17). Jesus was the perfect example of forgiveness. Some might say that was easy for him because he is God, but he experienced as much as any man could and beyond that He experienced punishment of the spirit for the sake of sinful humanity.

(Date Added: 2006-08-01)

Responsibility (week 2)

by Erik Momsen

With blessings come responsibilities. With rights come the same. We have responsibilities as parents, partners and leaders to provide physical, emotional and spiritual support. God does it first and we must follow. We all fail in some way in this regard but as we look to The Father we are encouraged and strengthened.

(Date Added: 2006-07-25)

Acceptance (week 1)

by Erik Momsen

Across the face of the planet and throughout time humanity has been divided along the lines of race, gender and economy. This was not God's plan. Acceptance and love of each other is at the heart of God's plan for us. Each nation has its own set of challenges but South Africans must, with God's help, face all issues that divide and hence weaken us.

(Date Added: 2006-07-18)

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