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Power to go out

Pentecost is the time that we celebrate the great gift the Father gave to every believer in Jesus Christ.  The old hymn states "to every believer the promise of God".  The Spirit is the gift that makes belief and life with Jesus possible.  The Spirit is the one who took the work of the cross and works it out in the world every day.  The Spirit is the very practical side of God who was there at creation and there at the rebirth of every soul.  The Spirit gets things done.

It is therefore true that whenever a church or persons ignores or rejects the work of the Spirit, life loses its vigour and vitality.

Acts 2: 1-13 gives us an understanding of the purpose and the means by which the Spirit was given.

  1. The issue of "togetherness" is always vital for the church.  God gathers His children and then works with them.
  2. They were really just waiting.  No account of fervent prayer and fasting indicates that it was not by their work.  They were expectant but didn't know for what.  They had been prepared but it was not their work. It was a free gift.
  3. The signs given to them where auditory (wind) and visual (fire). Our God works in the physical world.
  4. All of them received the Spirit and the gift is still for every believer.
  5. Pentecost day was firstly about getting the believers out of a meeting into the market place.  Many nations heard about the "wonders of God in their own tongue".


When I was called to serve the Lord in a full-time capacity the prophetic word spoken to me contained the pertinent phrase "to all the nations".  It was also a moment of great power.  I was not a natural leader or public speaker neither was I a person of great holiness.  I however know that by the call of God and the power of the Holy Spirit I am going what I was called to do.

Another God filled moment was when I did the Network Course.  I discovered that I was not functioning or even had any understanding of Apostolic ministry.  An apostle is "one sent out".  I had forgotten the principle of "GO".

"GO" is one of God's favourite words.  Most of us know that Matthew ends with the words "go and make disciple of all nations."

Luke 24:45-48 lays a foundation that prepares us very well for his account of Pentecost in Acts.

Pentecost can very easily become about me and my experience of God, but here the agenda is set.

  1. Jesus opens their minds to understand scripture.
  2. The foundation of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus.
  3. Repentance & forgiveness is preached in His name.
  4. This message is to "all nations, beginning in Jerusalem."
  5. This is all made possible by the powerful gift of the Spirit.


  1. Have your mind opened to God's ways - Bible ways.
  2. Jesus died and was raised for you - if it is good news for you, it must be for someone else too.
  3. But what will I tell them? - Are they not OK on their own?  NO - repentance and forgiveness is for all.
  4. Start where you are - if you can't witness in your Jerusalem were else?
  5. If you are prepared to go - (even and especially just next door) - YOU WILL BE GIVEN THE GIFT & POWER YOU NEED.


Some of us are going to Zimbabwe and Malawi on a missionary trip.  Many will say why go there?  The same question was asked by Peter.  Why go to Samaria?

For me it is a process of growth and learning.  I will learn more of the ways of the Spirit. I have had to rediscover that repentance and forgiveness is for all people.  I have always believed that when Jesus says "GO" he will provide the means and the power.  The Spirit ministers powerfully with those who go.

We all need to become more radical and forceful in our witness.  Jesus describes the first disciple by saying: "... the Kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it." (Matthew 11:12)

The Spirit says GO to Bluewater Bay, Swartkops, St. Georges, Redhouse Motherwell, Transkei and Malawi - perhaps even England one day.

Date Added: 2008-05-07

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