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Life in the Spirit (2)

I am convinced that most people want to get on the good side of God, experience His presence and have God exercise His way in their lives.  The problem is that all have failed, and fail repeatedly despite their best efforts.  Some never try to please God because they instinctively know that it is impossible.

Many Christians know they have been saved from their past lives but now feel caught in a no-mans land.  They have been brought out of slavery in Egypt, are at present in the wilderness and have not yet entered the promised land.  Their Christians lives are a wilderness.  They know what they ought to do but cannot.  They understand the truth of the gospel but know that it is not lived out in their lives.  "What a wretched man am I" Paul said, pre-empting many Christians.  How do we have this fullness of life that the New Testament speaks about?

"Live by the Spirit" (Ephesians 5:16-25)

"So I say, live by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature."
"... But if you are lead by the Spirit you are not under law."
"... Since we live by the Spirit let us keep step with the Spirit".
(Ephesians 5: 16,18,25)

A change is required in the way we think and feel.
Our actions come from the way we think and feel.

Most of the time we see only the physical world around us - and not the spiritual world.  When we do try to see the world from a spiritual perspective we cloud it with our guilt and sense of rejection, our effort and striving.

We need firstly to know that the work needed to please God has been done by Jesus and we can do nothing to add to it.

All we do is to follow hard after Him - Jesus says, "Follow me".

We have been adopted and are loved with an unending love because of the work of Jesus.

We are now being worked upon by the Holy Spirit who is the proof of the fact that Jesus now sits in glory.

Remember Jesus and the Spirit do the work - we follow.
Remember we are looking to living a life worthy of the Gospel.

To do this ...

  • You cannot become good by not doing bad things.  You can only become good by being in the presence of goodness.
  • Goodness, like evil, rubs off - Good and evil are not firstly about actions but about motivations and mind sets.
  •   - Heart and mind, not hands.

Andrew Murray, reflecting on William Law's "Dying to Self", notes:

  1. The low state of the average believer.
  2. The cause of all failure is self-confidence - "I can do it - let me try again".
  3. Surrender the whole person to the work of God - only God does the work.
  4. Turn to Jesus as the one and only sure deliverer from the power of self.
  5. Have the sure hope of a better life for all who turn to Christ in self despair.
  6. The result is the heavenly joy of a life filled with the Spirit of love.

"Humility and utter self-despair, with the resignation to God's mighty working in simple faith, is the infallible way to be delivered from self, and have the Spirit of love fill the heart" - Andrew Murray in "Covenants and Blessing".

 - Realise you cannot make yourself holy. 
 - Realise and depend upon God's mighty work.
 - You need a little simple faith.
 - Be sure of being delivered from self - sin - impurity.
 - And then be filled - and filled - and filled with the Spirit.

"Child of God, begin at once to give the Holy Spirit the place in your life that He has in God's plan.  Be still before God and believe that He is in you.  Ask the Father to work in you through Him.  Regard yourself, spirit as well as body, with holy reverence - as His temple.  Let the consciousness of His Holy presence and working fill you with holy calm and fear.  Be sure that all God calls you to be - Christ through His Spirit - will work in you". (Andrew Murray)

Date Added: 2008-04-15

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