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Children, Young Men and Fathers

by Erik Momsen

A number of years ago, "His People" church placed an advert in magazines and newspapers depicting the torso of a man.  The stomach of the man had two belly buttons.  The question was obvious, "Have you been born again?"

Being born again is the most important event of your life.  It happens when we believe that Jesus, the Son of God, died to pay the price for our sin. In response to His death we lay down our own lives and follow Him.

Important to remember that in the natural we do not live by our belly buttons for the rest of our lives.  We grow beyond our belly buttons.  We grow up.

Also in the spiritual we must grow up from infant, to adolescent, to adult to mature people in Christ.  Many get stuck at some level and in fact very few become fathers and mothers in Christ.

(I John 2:12-14)

The apostle John writes to the Dear Children, Young Men and Fathers to assure them that they all belong to the Lord.

The Children are those who have been forgiven because of the name of Jesus and they know their Father.  Their sins are forgiven and they start a new life in Jesus.  Baby Christians are hungry to learn and if fed correctly grow quickly.  Baby Christians also need a lot of love and attention and they often make a mess.  But babies are great to have around and they are a true sign of life.  A church with no babies is in serious trouble.

The Young Men show signs of victory over the evil one, they are strong and have the word of God in them.  The reason they are showing victory over the evil one is because of the Sword of the Spirit, the Word.  They have been fed with the Word and now even feed themselves.  They make sure "the Word of God lives in them".

Young men and women cannot stay that way forever.  We have all met forty- or fifty-year old young men who have decided to stay like that by choice.  In the natural they have decided not to have children and live for themselves.  They have an air or immaturity and unreality about them.  They have not truly grown up.  Maturity in the spiritual comes when we have to nurture little ones in Christ.  Very few young men and woman feel ready to have children, but it is a miracle from God and He gives the grace to do the job.

The Fathers have known Him "who is from the beginning".  In the first verse of I John this refers to the Word Who became flesh.  The Fathers are probably those who have seen Jesus in the flesh and have known Him a long time.

One becomes a Father or Mother in the church when one has brought people to a new birth in Christ or adopted little ones.  Spiritual parents then nurture the children until they can feed themselves and later become parents.

Spiritual parents have a heart for their spiritual children.  They protect, teach and discipline them.  They see the big picture and have wisdom.   you want to know if you are a Spiritual Parent just look around for your children.

Spiritual parents also have the best interests of the children at heart.  They want the children to do the best they can. They do not hold them back.


   1.  Be a child and then a young man first. (Born again & teachable)
   2.  Know the Father of all Fathers.
   3.  Also have an earthly spiritual father or at least a big brother.
   4.  By having His heart for the children you will become fruitful.
   5.  As we receive from the Father we must give it away. (Generosity in all)
   6.  Parenting is a step by step walk. (Faithful with the little ....)
   7.  The Family of God is about people not programs.
   8.  Children hurt and disappoint parents. Parents have to be big.
   9.  Send the children out so you can become a grandparent.


In the natural, parents in the 21st century do not have time for their children.  The same is true in the church.  Our church is given many children but they stay orphans.  Very few mature Christians have the time or the experience to father baby Christians and many little ones die a spiritual death because of lack of love, teaching and discipline.

This is changing and the Lord is leading us in this (Malachi 4:6)

Date Added: 2000-06-29

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