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Disciple - Becoming one

by Erik Momsen

Jesus did not come to earth to start a new religion but to call people to follow Him into eternity.  For thousands of years humanity's eyes have been downcast.  Averting our eyes from our Mega Creator to our short painful lives.  Jesus came to lift our eyes to see what we were really made for.  We were to have life in fullness but have followed the devil's lies into darkness.

Just as in the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve ran, Jesus is still calling us.  Even though we have just committed the sin that has caused our world to come crashing down, Jesus is still calling, “where are you, come follow me”.

The voice of Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, is calling you now.
“No, the word is very near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart so you may obey it.” (Deuteronomy 20:14)
We know that Jesus is calling us but many lies have taken hold in us.  STOP – sit quietly and ask, “Jesus is that you?
Don't reject His voice!
Don't doubt that He is calling you!
Don't doubt that He loves you and can heal you!

The song "My Sacrifice" by the band "Creed" speaks about meeting a "friend" who places "perfect love" in us.  The lead singer Scott Stapp said in an interview with "Christian Living Today";

"I'd have called myself a struggling Christian who was trying to find holes in everything he had been raised to believe.  I was a doubting Thomas.  I was raised in a climate where I believed in God because I was afraid of going to hell―and I didn't think that was the right way to fall in love with somebody.  I always believed in God and Christ, but I was in rebellion―trying to make my relationship with God fit into my life instead of making my life fit in with him.  I was stubborn.

It just took all of that to come to a screeching halt, to get to the point of having nothing, for me to finally realize, Hey, what are you fighting with this for?  Until then, I hadn't claimed my faith as my own; I had just grown up with it.  But I finally got to that point after years and years of running from God. Christ stepped in when I asked him".


Hello my friend, we meet again
It's been awhile, where should we begin?
Feels like forever
Within my heart are memories
Of perfect love that you gave to me
Oh, I remember

When you are with me, I'm free
I'm careless, I believe
Above all the others we'll fly
This brings tears to my eyes
My sacrifice

We've seen our share of ups and downs
Oh how quickly life can turn around
In an instant
It feels so good to reunite
Within yourself and within your mind
Let's find peace there


I just want to say hello again
I just want to say hello again

My sacrifice.


Jesus gives us His perfect Love & this defines us.
"By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." (John 13:34,35 - NRSV)
He has loved us to the end, has placed His love in us and this starts to overflow into other lives.
The test of the chief disciple Peter was "Do you love me?" 3x
Jesus' conclusion was that if you do, you will feed My sheep.

Jesus' love in us gives us hope – heals us – helps us forgive.
Jesus' love for us compels us to pull others into this same Love.

Date Added: 2012-06-18

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