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Wait & Worhip

by Erik Momsen

Just like our drought crisis I believe our city is in a very dry place spiritually.  We are in a desert wandering.  I hope I am wrong and that it is just me, however as I talk to other Christian leaders many feel the same.

When it is dry you start to get thirsty, then desperate and eventually, if you don't get water you die. I am starting to become desperate.

One of the areas I am desperate in is that of worship.  I had coffee with a friend a while ago and he said, "Remember what worship used to be like in the mid 90's.  It is not the same today."  He is not a musician and was not referring to the songs, but was referring to the presence of God when we worshiped.

Costa Mitchell wrote last week;
"The beginnings of this movement occurred in a small lounge room in Southern California, where a handful of people who were desperate for more of God gathered after church on Sunday nights, and learned to wait for Him.  Features of those “afterglow” gatherings were prayer, repentance and confession of sin, weeping, and then, the birthing of simple songs sung to God, expressing longing, intimate love and gratitude to Him.

... In the words of Carol Wimber, the essential discovery that made the group into a church, and ultimately into a movement, was worship which facilitated the Presence of God:

After we started to meet in our home gathering, I noticed times during the meeting – usually when we sang – in which I experienced God deeply. ...occasionally we sang a song personally and intimately to Jesus, with lyrics like "Jesus I love you‟. ...when we accidently stumbled onto intimate songs like "I love you Lord‟ and "I lift my voice‟ ...we began to see a difference between songs about Jesus and songs to Jesus.  Those types of songs both stirred and fed the hunger for God within me.

The songs were not the point – the longing for, the focus on, and the connection with, God Himself was the point!  The calling of the Church is primarily to be “a holy temple for the Lord... a dwelling where God lives by His Spirit” (Ephesians 2:21-22).  This is the main reason for the Church’s existence, especially in gathered form."

"While the above anecdotes speak about the subject of Worship, and particularly about a genre of worship music, I want to place the principle they teach, firmly in the middle of your mind, and of the church you lead.  You see, our highest value is for “Christ as the Head and the Holy Spirit as the Administrator of the Church”.  That means we are to be a people who WAIT for His Presence to go ahead of us before we do anything.  We are to seek a practical, vibrant expression of Jesus’ Presence in every thing we do.

Thus, I am calling you to WAIT. I feel that we need to re-learn what that means, ..."

Carol Wimber’s testimony continues with this observation:
“...during this time, ...many of us were also worshipping at home alone.  During these solitary times we were not necessarily singing, but we were bowing down, kneeling, lifting hands and praying spontaneously in the Spirit – sometimes with spoken prayers, sometimes with non-verbalized prayers, and even prayers without words at all.  We noticed that as our individual worship life deepened, when we came together there was a greater hunger toward God.  So we learned that what happens when we are alone with the Lord determines how intimate and deep the worship will be when we come together.”


WE WORSHIP FOR GOD - WE ARE IN THIS LIFE FOR GOD - "this is not about you"  Rick Warren

Date Added: 2011-02-22

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