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Commitment, Commandment, Commission

by Erik Momsen

People say, "Don't say the 'C' word", referring to cancer.  Well in the western church there are three "C" words.  For most people in the west, and even Christians, 'Commitment' is what women want from men (even if it is only commitment to pick up the toilet seat and flush after use), 'Commandment' is something Charlton Heston smashed in the desert, and 'Commission' is what an agent waits eagerly for.  These three "C's" are what the church needs.

I see many people who are depressed, tired and afraid even though it is the beginning of the year.  This world is complex, confusing and tiring.  They are not sure how to tackle this new year and make their way forward.

The three words, Commitment, Commandment, Commission however summarise God's purpose for our lives.  His purpose that will give us direction and energy.


Young people all over the world are into extreme sports.  They want to do something radical.  Also the fastest growing religion in Africa is Islam.  Again, a most extreme faith.  The West has however domesticated the followers of Jesus to resemble a country club.  Why are we not extreme when our Lord and God told us that if we wanted to follow Him we had to be ready to be stapled to a wooden board and hung in the sun until we are dead?

Surrender is the word we need to hear.  We could try in our own strength to put bread on our tables and keep our relationships with our families tender and loving.  Or we could surrender to Jesus.  The surrender of our own stubborn ways and submission to His will change everything.  "Not my will but Yours be done".  This surrender is followed not by a half-hearted commitment but by an extreme commitment to walking closely with the Living Jesus to do what he does.  If we loved Jesus extremely, I could stop preaching right now and never preach again.


That commitment is to a Commandment to love God with all we have and to love ever widening circles of people as ourselves (Matthew 22:37-40).

This love for God is seen in a complete devotion to the person of Jesus.  It is Jesus who melts the hearts of millions and must be our focus.  Get a picture in your mind of who he is, how he loves and thinks and what he does.  When you lose your first love for Jesus, you will have no purpose and function.  With the love of Jesus a reality in your life you will be called to love others and seek their benefit in all situations.


A Commission is an appointment to BE and then DO some great task.  I was commissioned as an officer in the military.  The first thing that changed was my status and my authority.  Also my salary.  I needed to do nothing to prove I was commissioned . I was a new Being in the military.

In the same way Christians ARE witnesses.  We have been Commissioned.  Purely the fact that we are Christians makes us witnesses.  We have no choice.  The only choice is to be a good or bad witnesses.  Most of our witness is in our attitudes and everyday life.  It is not firstly what we say about Jesus and the Bible, but how Jesus speaks though us in our lives.  Jesus said "By your love all men will know that you are my disciples".

The commission is GO and BE my disciple and DO some multiplication.  GO and replicate yourselves.  A healthy Christian will make other Christians.  If you are not making other Christians go back to "Commitment".


Commandment + Commission = 5 STEP PROGRAM

  • Love the Lord with all your heart.

  • Love your neighbour as yourself.

  • Go and make disciples.

  • Baptize them = bind them into fellowship.

  • Teach them to obey.

COMMITMENT - to Surrender to Jesus.

COMMANDMENT - to Love Jesus.

COMMISSION - to Go for Jesus.

"A great Commitment to the great Commandment and great Commission will build a great church" - Rick Warren.

Date Added: 2010-03-10

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